Kuala Lumpur to Royal Belum Road Trip

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(Using the E1 and A168 Highway, 464km, Estimated Travel Time:  6 hours 23 mins)

Why Go To Royal Belum?

The Royal Belum State Park is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, alongside Taman Negara, and is a perfect go-to destination for ecology enthusiasts and adventurers. Royal Belum is part of the larger Belum-Temengor Forest Reserve that goes across Thailand and serves as a ripe habitat to many a unique flora and fauna in Malaysia. Animals such as the Malaysian Tiger, Sunbear, Sumatran Rhinoceros, White-handed Gibbon, Asiatric Elephant, and Malaysian Tapir all roam freely and call this park home. It has been known as a place for camping, swimming, boating, jungle trekking, fishing, and bird watching. Furthermore, a few island resorts on Temengor lake make it possible for visitors to stay for a couple of days to fully explore the park’s offerings.

What to See & Do along the Way

Nevertheless, getting to Royal Belum by car requires a good solid few hours of driving. Travellers to the Belum Rainforest can take a detour at Cameron Highlands to cool off and to take part in some leisurely activities that showcase the cooler side of life in this hot tropical country. Established activities include visiting Malaysia’s largest tea plantation, BOH Tea, taking a stroll through the many strawberry farms situated in the highlands, or butterfly and even bee farms. The cactus valley also makes for an insightful spikey journey through the cool highlands, while the highlands’ waterfalls, markets and temples make for interesting pit stops as well.

Opting to stay at night or two at Cameron Highlands is also a viable option, with a variety of hotels, apartments, chalets, guest houses, and bungalows to cater for a most budgets and tastes. It is a good place for those wishing to escape the Malaysia’s intense heat and retreat into the cool highlands, with a minimum temperature of 15 degree Celsius and maximum temperature of 23 degree Celsius throughout the year.

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