4 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts’ EdgeRank to Reach More People

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The EdgeRank algorithm and its exact workings have obviously not been made public so there is no sure-fire way of getting your posts to the top of news feeds. However, the EdgeRank of a Facebook post can increase when more users interact with it.

Here are some ways that you can improve interaction with your posts , which in turn can help improve their EdgeRank so that the post will reach more people.

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Post with Images

Facebook recently changed its Timeline to emphasize more on image post types, as images are more eye-catching and engaging than plain text posts.

Apart from posting just stunning images, try accompanying the posts with links to further increase user interaction with the post. It always helps to post memes and humorous images that are immensely share-worthy. 

Create Photo Albums

When possible, try to add photos to a relevant photo album – an album that helps tell a story. For example, you can create a photo album of the ten best artists of the year. Each image and the whole album should have clear descriptions and catchy captions.

When an image from such an album is posted on the Timeline, it is accompanied with smaller thumbnails of other images in the album. This makes the album more enticing and people will  be more inclined to share and like the images. Even user clicks on photos supposedly affects the EdgeRank positively.

Write Longer Posts

Apart from adding images to text-based posts and incorporating photo albums, you can try writing longer posts. The maximum length of a post is 5,000 characters. Although the whole post is not shown on the Timeline, Facebook adds a “see more” link for users to click on if they want to see the entire post. Clicks on these “see more” links are counted as interactions and they can affect the EdgeRank positively. It goes without saying that these long posts need to be original and interesting.

Use New Features

The Facebook platform develops and changes fast.  Some of these changes include new functions to communicate and post, and Facebook wants people to try and adopt the new features.  Thus, when there is a new feature related to posting, use it.  Facebook will likely give your post a higher EdgeRank to encourage usage and spur awareness.


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