Instagram in Malaysia: Tips for Searching and Following

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Instagram is the famous image-sharing platform and is one of the largest social networking websites as of now. This photo-sharing app became so popular because it has a simple idea – to allow people to create Polaroid and Kodak Instamatic-style images from high quality digital images. Equally important, with the help of digital filters, users of the app can make any photo on their smartphones look charming and stunning. In April, 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for an astounding $1 billion and the popularity of Instagram only continues to grow.

Below we’ve outlined some tips for using Instagram in Malaysia.

How to Find Instagram Photos Relating to Malaysia

Surprisingly, Instragram’s website does not offer a way to search for photos, which can be frustrating.  However, there are other means to find photos in Instagram.  Below we’ve outlined ways to find photos related to Malaysia on Instagram:

1. Searchinstagram.com:  One easy ways to find other Instagram users and photos is to use searchinstagram.com. This website has just one function, to find photos in Instagram based on the search term. A large search bar is present at the top of the homepage with popular search terms next to it. Just type in “Malaysia”  and Instagram images taken in the country or rather tagged with this term will be displayed.

2. Statigram: Statigram is another  source to find Instagram photos related to the country. This website not only displays the accounts of users from Malaysia but also the hashtags related to the search term. Moreover, the number of photos for each hashtag is also shown.

3. Instagram Malaysia Facebook Page. The Facebook page called Instagram Malaysia is another means to find Instagram images related to Malaysia. This Facebook page was created for Instagram fans in Malaysia and Facebook users from Malaysia post their Instagram images, taken in Malaysia, on this page. Although this page is not very popular and has only about 250 likes, it is still has some stunning images related to Malaysia.

4. Instagram Malaysia Flickr Group. Surprisingly, Flickr has a very popular group for Instagramers in Malaysia. This Flickr group known as Myinstagram contains more than 3,000 images in the group pool with all the images taken by Malaysians or in Malaysia.

5. Instagram App: Of course, relevant photos can be found from the app itself. Hashtags are used to tag Instagram images and tapping on a hashtag brings up the images labeled with this tag. So, if you tap on the hashtag #malaysia, you will be able to see all the public images tagged with this hashtag. Here are some popular hashtags related to Malaysia and the number of photos under each as of 22nd May, 2013:

  • #malaysia – 1,901,743 photos
  • #malaysian – 263,771 photos
  • #malaysianhair – 76,098 photos
  • #malaysianfood – 25,428 photos
  • #malaysiatrulyasia – 6,103 photos

Popular Instagram Accounts in Malaysia

There are a number of Malaysians who are attracting a lot of attention because of their stunning Instagram images.  Below we’ve highlighted to the help you start exploring Instagram in Malaysia.


Hong Yiis one such user whose photos were featured in the Huffington Post in their Arts and Culture page this year. Yi is an artist and architect and her food-art related images are extremely popular on Instagram. She is known for creating theme-based projects and images, and she has close to 9,000 followers.

Jimmy Khoo (yes, Khoo, not Choo) is a Malaysian air steward known for his quirky and fun Instagram images. He uses miniature toys to create stories and takes pictures of them against various backdrops.

Samantha Lee is a Malaysian mum who cooks highly tasty and creative meals for her children. Her fun food plating and food art images have attracted more than 179,000 followers.

You can find more popular Instagram accounts in Malaysia,by searching the statigram website mentioned above or search the webstagram website.

You can visit the Instagram website here.

What do you think are the best Instagram photos or accounts in Malaysia? Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Also, stay in touch with us, Leaping Post, by registering for our free e-newsletter here.

Photo credit: JAMoutinho (apprentice photographer) / Foter.com / CC BY

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