How to Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

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Down south and over to the east of Kuala Lumpur rests the Lion City of Singapore. Small but prosperous, it is a major contender among top South East Asian countries for both work and play. As such, there are quite a number of individuals who travel between KL and Singapore for either work or leisure. To get there, however, is as easy as hopping on a bus or simply driving there from the confines of your own home. Nevertheless, this article explores all the ways one can take from KL to get to the Lion City in the southeast.


Plane (Travel Time: 2 ½ hours, Cost: RM200-RM600+ for return flight)

In this day and age, where flying is the norm, low cost airlines offer extremely affordable rates from KL to Singapore with plenty of flights available daily. It is also one of the most popular and quickest modes of traversing from KL to Singapore. From as low as a couple of hundred Ringgit, one can take a quick 45-minute flight from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport or its low cost counterpart, LCCT, to Changi Airport in no longer than the time it takes to watch two episodes of a sitcom. Many cheap airfares persist throughout the year with airlines like AirAsia, Firefly, Jetstar, or Tiger Airways. While 45-minutes is awfully quick to get from KL to Singapore, one also needs to factor in the time it takes to get to KLIA and pass customs. It is the same process ones you reach Singapore as well. On the plus side, getting from Changi airport to the rest of Singapore won’t take long.


Driving (Travel Time: 4 hours, Cost: RM200-RM300+)

The next option for most Malaysians and foreigners who want to bypass taking to the skies above is to drive – that and taking the bus but more on that later. Driving is also an excellent way to witness the various sceneries and splendours Malaysia and Singapore harbours. That being said, a typical drive down to Singapore from KL will take an average of 4 hours, factoring in adhering to the speed limits and depending on traffic conditions on the highway and the causeway into and out of Singapore. For average sized cars, driving from KL to Singapore on the PLUS highway can cost around RM250, including toll fares and average petrol costs. Nonetheless, that only includes the cost of driving from KL and getting to the Singaporean border, because driving around in Singapore incurs its own separate costs. According to the Singaporean Land Transport Authority, West Malaysian drivers need to ensure that they have:

Bear in mind that 1 Singaporean Dollar typically fluctuates between 2.3-2.5 times of the Malaysian Ringgit. For more information on driving West Malaysian registered vehicles into Singapore, check out their Land Transport Authority website.


Bus/Coach (Travel Time: 5-7 hours, Cost: RM70-RM100+)


If you don’t have a car or prefer a hassle free ride that comes with not being behind the wheel, then taking a luxury bus would be your best bet. They are generally quite affordable, averaging around RM70-RM100 one-way per individual, with on-board meals and a small restroom, depending on the bus/coach that you take. Since most coaches will take around 6 hours to get you into Singapore, make sure to bring entertainment with you, be it in the form of a tablet computer, laptop, book, or anything that will keep you entertained for hours. Most coaches also come equipped with Internet access and individual power sockets for charging your electronic devices, but be sure to ask them beforehand if you plan on using power hungry devices. Other perks to using a bus/coach is that you don’t have to pay toll fees or other Singaporean road fees since you aren’t driving a private vehicle. The only downside is that you have to use the Singaporean public transport system to get around town, but that shouldn’t be a problem since it’s pretty efficient. Most coaches also have websites and online booking is advisable.

Some of the more popular coach lines include:


Train (Travel Time: 6-9 hours, Cost: RM50-RM100+)

The last mode of transportation is by train. Trains provide carefree relaxing rides from KL to Singapore and vice versa over a span of 6-9 hours, all while providing a bigger room than a bus. Taking a KTM train 1st class berth will set one back by a maximum of RM79 while 1st class seats costs as low as RM8. 2nd class berths cost a maximum of RM20. Travelling by train also gives one the opportunity to witness the various sights and sounds both nations have to offer, all while being able to enjoy your own company or that of your friends. As with buses, train travel can get boring for those who are used to enjoying electronic entertainment, so be sure to bring your electronic devices or a good book if you get bored easily.

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