Snapshots: The Splendours of Putrajaya

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It was former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir bin IMohamad who decided that downtown KL was getting too congested and began a project that culminated in the world first Intelligent Garden City, a city that continues to delight visitors and residents with its natural charm and stunning architecture.

Putrajaya, a planned city located 25km from KL, was designed to bring together nature and technology together to produce a harmonious living and working environment. It was completely designed and constructed by Malaysian companies, and only 10% of materials used were imported, allowing the nation to feel an ownership over this extraordinary place. The Diamond Building, shown here, is the home of Malaysia’s Energy Commission and has been awarded the top honour as the most energy-efficient building in the ASEAN region.

In line with its “green” ambitions, the city has around 38% of its area reserved for green spaces, and the reality is pretty parks, lakes, and gardens that complement the splendid buildings built in the area.

While primarily built to become the new federal administrative centre (operations were moved there in 1999), Putrajaya has now become a tourist attraction in its own right, and the architecture on display there delights many a shutterbug. Here are some iconic sights of the city.

Source: Senses of Malaysia May-Jun 2013
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