Zoological Zumba Raises RM7,000 for Sun Bears

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Photo Credit: poplinre, Flickr

Held at the Sabah Hotel, Sandakan last Saturday, the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Society (BSBCC) dance fitness work out marathon garnered an impressive crowd 300 strong. With a participation fee of RM50 each, funds raised, totaling RM 7,000, will be utilized to provide food and operational costs for sun bears under the organizations care.

"I have seen how hard the staff at BSBCC work and their care for the sun bears in order to protect the species.” Said Fay De Vera, the initiator of the event “So I decided to help through what I know best and that is Zumba.”

The protected sun bears of Borneo play an important role in forest ecology as they disperse seeds which helps sustain the natural equilibrium of their habitat. Despite this, sun bears are sought after by poachers for their bile, which is sadly used in a variety of products.

Fortunately, thanks to innovative thinkers like Fay De Vera and the people at the BSBCC, the future of this amazing and important species looks a little brighter.

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