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The Expat Group, responsible for a variety of Malaysian based publications targeted towards the expat community, has recently made its foray into the online publication sector in recent months.

The publications that have made their way onto Malaysian digital newsstands are The Expat, Senses of Malaysia, The Expat MM2H Guide, The Expat Education Guide, Health Holidays in Malaysia, The Expat Welcome Guide, and The KL Welcome Guide.

These online magazines are all carbon copies of their physical counterparts, allowing interested readers the chance to delve into the magazine of their choice without needing to leave the comfort of their own home. This would also allow readers to access their purchased issues anywhere and anytime once downloaded.

Each of the mentioned magazines are now readily available on Magzster, which in turn makes them available on a wide number of digital newsstands, such as Apple’s iOS platform through their “Newsstand” app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Google’s Android platform, Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform, Amazon’s app store, Huawei’s app store, and on your web browser. You can read them on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop once purchased.

In the case of Apple’s Newsstand app, The Expat Group’s magazines can be purchased for a monthly-based subscription, allowing background updates and refreshing of new content when available. This means that you wouldn’t even have to lift a finger to get all the latest issues of The Expat, which makes it more convenient than waiting for the next physical issue if you’re an avid reader.

If you are using an Apple device and would like to get The Expat on your device, click this iTunes App Store link. For other platforms, please check your local Malaysian app store for your digital copy of The Expat and its sister publications.

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