MSN'S "10 Places to Live on $2,000 a Month" Article Mentions Malaysia

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According to MSN, Malaysia is among 10 countries where one can live comfortably on a limited income of US $2,000 a month, or less.

The article, 10 Places to Live on $2,000 a Month, mentioned Malaysia among 9 other countries as a good retirement destination, allowing one to stretch their limited income.

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The writer, Elaine Pofeldt, writes that many Americans are choosing to move overseas to somewhere cheaper upon retirement. These retirees are making the move as they are looking for a “simpler way of life.”

When mentioning Malaysia, the writer writes that many expats are attracted to Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Some of the reasons given include Malaysia’s “dependable telecommunication systems, clean water, access to immaculate beaches and lush jungles in a tropical climate,” and more.

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“The country is a top medical tourism destination, with lower-cost health care than in the United States. And it’s cheap, too. You can rent a one-bedroom urban apartment for $456 a month; utilities run about $50 and Internet service is about $45. Be aware, though, that some expats complain that imports, including alcohol, are very expensive because of high taxes, and many say traffic is bad.”

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The other countries mentioned are; Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala.


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