Scoliosis, the Silent Cause of Deformity in Young Adults

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Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine, of varying severity. It commonly occurs around the upper and lower back. A small percentage of scoliosis cases occur right from birth.These are called Congenital Scoliosis cases.

Studies have shown that Scoliosis takes place during growth spurts, and usually starts before puberty. Early detection can prevent potential complications. Do not confuse Scoliosis with poor posture. Poor posture is mainly associated with weak muscles of the spine. Spinal screenings should be carried out for school age children to rule out Scoliosis. A visit to your local Chiropractor can help with its diagnosis. A Chiropractor will conduct a physical exam and subsequently order an X-Ray to further confirm and measure the curvature of the Scoliosis.

Don’t be alarmed if your healthy and active child is diagnosed with Scoliosis because it can be treated. Depending on the age, gender and degree of the curve, the treatment for Scoliosis usually falls under one of the following four options:
a) Just monitor and wait because there is a possibility that it will resolve on its own as the child grows.
b) Fit the child with a rigid cast.The cast will have to be changed every few months to accommodate a growing child.This cast is worn all the time.
c) Conventional and bulky brace.This option can prevent the curvature from getting worse but will not be able to reverse it.
d) Schedule a spinal surgery.

Fortunately, nowadays a new alternative exists, an innovative approach to corrective bracing.The Spinecor Brace is a dynamic brace, the solution for many children with idiopathic scoliosis. A team of researchers with anthropology, biomechanics, and physiotherapy credentials have collaborated together in devising the SpineCor brace.

Primarily, the SpineCor bracing method is adjustable and noninvasive. SpineCor provides flexible, inconspicuous correction that continues as the child moves and grows. It is simple to use and comfortable to wear, and most importantly, effective in its results. Like the rest of conventional casts and braces, though, SpineCor has its own limitation. Based upon clinical studies with children of all ages, the SpineCor system appears to provide greatest benefi t to children below the age of 15. In addition to the patient’s age, other factors such as weight and bone maturity play a part.

SpineCor is fairly new in Malaysia. Accordingly, not all health care professionals are currently equipped to treat patients with the SpineCor brace. Certified SpineCor Brace Fitters are made available in many countries of the world, Malaysia included.

A word of caution: If left untreated, Scoliosis can lead to serious spine, chest, pelvis and even heart and lung damage. Early detection can help prevent such occurrences. Common signs of Scoliosis include uneven shoulders, uneven hips and curvature of the spine. If you detect any of these signs on your child, go visit your local Chiropractor. A simple Spinal Screening is all it takes to give your love ones quality of life as they grow up.



Source: Penang International Aug 2013 – Sept 2013

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