Expat Interview: Carmen Hernandez

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Name: Carmen Hernandez
Home Country: Spain
Marital status: Married

What brought you to Malaysia?
I wanted to explore Asia more and improve my English, so Malaysia was a good destination for both. I arrived just over a year ago and I have already visited some of the countries in the area. I can also say my English is better than it was when I arrived. I have made some good friends and now I want to learn more about Malaysian culture.

Name three typical weekend activities that you enjoy.
I love discovering new shopping centres in the city, sitting outdoors in a stall drinking delicious fruit juices, and going for a walk to KLCC Park.

What do you like and dislike about living here?
The thing I like the most is obviously the great weather here all year round. I also love how easy it is to travel from KL to so many different destinations in the region. What I dislike the most is the horrendous traffic!

What is your favourite holiday destination in Malaysia or in the region? Why?
In Malaysia, I would have to say either Malacca or Penang. In both these towns, the locals are so proud of their culture, heritage and lovely architecture. I love beaches, so the south of Thailand is a fantastic spot for me and I visit it often.

Describe a memorial eating experience you have had here.
Although I don’t enjoy really spicy flavours, I have tasted some really yummy traditional dishes that I’m now hooked on! Laksa, wonton noodles, cheese naan and nasi lemak have all become my favourites. I also love going to restaurants where they have huge tanks with all sorts of fish and you get to choose the one you’d like to eat!

What do you miss most about your home country?
I miss my family and friends the most. I also miss long days in the summer and certain types of Spanish food, like Iberian ham, creamy cheeses, and fresh vegetables in a salad with some drops of olive oil.


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