How to Identify Smuggled Beer in Malaysia

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How can you tell the difference between a smuggled and non-smuggled beer? According to Malaysian customs, price is a pretty good indicator that the beer could be illicit.

According to Customs Director of Intelligence R. Mariappa, smuggled beers can be sold at a cheaper price because they have been brought in without duties and taxes being paid. Buyers are automatically attracted to the low prices without thinking of the origin of the beer.

What’s the harm in buying smuggled beers, you might ask? Well, these cheap beers could be harmful to drinkers as most have already passed their expiry date.

To help combat this problem, the customs department will implement a screening system to detect smuggling activity based on risk indicators. The scanners will also be used to scan suspicious cargo.

The public are also encouraged to make a report if they have any suspicion. Especially if they suspect the duty stamps on smuggled beers are fake.

The public can lodge a report with the nearest Enforcement Division of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, or they can lodge a complaint via the Customs website. The public can also call 1-800-88-8855 to complain.

Story and quote from: The Star

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