Did You Know… that Malaysia's Rainforest is the Oldest in the World?

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Did you that Malaysia’s rainforest is the oldest rainforest in the world? So old that it makes the Amazon jungles seem…young!

According to Wikipedia, Malaysia’s Taman Negara, which translates to ‘national park’, has lain virtually undisturbed for 130 million years.

Further search on Taman Negara tells us that it is located in the centre of the equator and that it has not been disturbed, not even by the ice ages!

Malaysia’s Taman Negara was previously known as the King George V National Park in 1938/1939. The name ‘Taman Negara’ was established after Malaysia’s independence.

The park covers a total area of 4,343km. It is so big that it encompasses three states; Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu.

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Taman Negara, Wikipedia

Homepage highlight photo credit:hyqphotos, Flickr

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