Delightful Dim Sum’s in Penang

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If you like dim sum and want to sample a large variety of these delicious treats, you can do no better than to head for Taipan Fins Chinese Restaurant at the Northam Hotel on Jalan Sultan Ahmed Shah. The portions here are slightly smaller than average, which suits dim sum connoisseurs as it allows them to taste a wider selection of this rich menu.

Order a pot of Chrysanthemum Tea while you decide what to go for as it’s very soothing and caffeine-free. I started with one of signature dim sum dishes – Taipan Fin’s Sio Long Bao or spicy pork dumplings with soup in a ginger vinaigrette sauce. There’s a trick to eating this: gently suck the soup out before eating the dumpling!

Other delicacies to try include Three Colour Special Siu Mai (with prawns, mushroom, pork and carrot), Japanese Seaweed Meat Roll with corn topping, and the Crabmeat Siu Mai with mushroom, fish, and eggs. I also loved the Chives and Dried Scallion Pancake Hong Kong style and the exquisite Mango Cheese Spring Roll (an absolute must if you like the taste of mangos). Make sure you try the Pork Belly with Pineapple in a bun – a delicate Chinese interpretation of a hamburger – and don’t forget the Custard Roll for dessert!

The restaurant is managed by Lucas Yiu, who usually wears a guitar badge saying Maha Kita (“I love you”) from his Philippines days. There are several chefs in the kitchen, each specialising in a certain area of dim sum after many years learning the art. Taipan Fins is a great place for a family lunch or for a meal with group of friends who like to eat, so don’t go alone; you don’t want to miss the pleasure of sharing these wonderful flavours!

Taipan Fins Chinese Restaurant
Northam Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10100 George Town
Open: Monday-Saturday 11am-
2.30pm, 6pm-10pm; Sunday and
Public Holidays 9am-2.30pm,

Source: Penang International August/September 2013

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