HSBC Expat Explorer Survey Ranks Malaysia among Best Countries to Work In

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The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2013 ranked Malaysia among the best countries to work in. The survey compiled its findings from 7,000 expats worldwide, based on a league of 37 countries. Below is a list of Malaysia’s ranking in the list, from various categories.

  • Malaysia was ranked No.14 for its young and dynamic population and a growing economy.
  • The country came in 5th in the world in terms of household income, but came in at 27th for disposable income.
  • In terms of expat satisfaction with the local economy, Malaysia was ranked at No.11.
  • Under the Expat Experience list, expats ranked Malaysia at No.20.
  • In terms of making friends, expats ranked Malaysia No.4, but placed the country at No.27 for integrating into the community.
  • In terms of organising healthcare, Malaysia is at No.5, but access to quality healthcare came in at No.29.
  • For local work culture, expats placed Malaysia at No.2. But in terms of feeling welcomed at work, Malaysia came in at No.32 on the list. Malaysia was at No.31 for work/life balance.
  • For learning and using the local language, expat rated Malaysia at No.23 and No.29 respectively.
  • Expats considered the local cuisine unhealthy, rating it at No.35, while getting used to the local cuisine was rated at No.31. Enjoying the local cuisine came in at No. 34.
  • Expat definitely enjoyed their social life and being sporty as both was ranked at No.2.

According to the Star, Malaysia could not be ranked under the survey’s full list, included in the Expat Survey league table as there was not enough date over the raising of expat children.

Story and quote from: The Star

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