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8K Resolution: Watching Video is Like Looking Through a Window

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Watching movies in high definition (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels) is considered a top-tier visual experience. Beyond that, you have might have heard of HDTV with 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels), which is even more incredible to watch.  Now get ready for 8K!  This is approaching a level where watching your TV is like looking through a window.

The Japanese Broadcasting corporation recently showcased a film called The Chorus, that was shot entirely in 8K colors. The film nearly covers the full sweep of human vision.

The Chorus has been dubbed ‘an experiment in 8K’. The play, which depicts a day in the life of the residents of an apartment block, was actually shot on a sound stage. The drama shows a cross section into 6 apartments, on three stories. Each of the apartments is occupied by a fictional resident.

As of now, televisions that can show 4K pixels are very expensive. But the day is not far off when all televisions will show 4K pixels. Note that the first mobile phones were very expensive too, but now you can get a mobile phone for as little as RM 80.


The Chorus sets a new benchmark for visual technology

People who have seen the drama are raving about the visual quality. One person who saw the show says that the visuals and the images were so striking and crisp, that he could make out the leaves on the trees behind the building. The images did not seem flat, rather they had a clarity and depth. He also said that the colors were magnificent and the blacks and whites were stunning.


Comments from the tech crew

The tech crew that worked on the show had some interesting things to say. They said that the 8K resolution nearly covered the entire spectrum of human vision. It is as if you are not seeing objects on a TV, but rather you are seeing a real object. They called it the ultimate in 2D. They also said that it is the closest to what the human eye sees so they do not expect that a system will be ever built to surpass the technology.

The tech crew were quick to add that it might be some years before the technology is fully adopted by commercial broadcasting. It means you will have to wait a few



We can only imagine how stunning it would be to watch a sports game in 8k.  Just a matter of time!

You can read more about 8K from the original article here.


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