A Brilliant New Invention Produces Great Tandoori Chicken and Much More

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I have always enjoyed tandoori-style chicken but have not managed to learn how to cook it effectively with conventional cooking methods. Consequently, we usually stick to curries, which are a frequent dish on our dinner table.

I was very interested when I read about a new Tandoori/BBQ which, it is claimed, cooks excellent chicken tikka. I wrote to the company that makes them and was given one to try out.

I was not disappointed and we managed to cook, with minimal effort, some very tasty chicken tikka. The wonderful thing is that because the chicken is served fresh off the BBQ, it was therefore not overcooked and was wonderfully tender and succulent. The tandoori paste which came with the BBQ set was excellent. We placed the chicken in wraps with some lettuce and yogurt sauce and the whole family loved it, even my fussy youngest daughter. It has now become a firm favourite.

The invention is an adaptation of the typical back yard BBQ and is the creation of two British gentlemen, Nick Vaughan and Ganesan Krishnasamy, who share my love of Indian cooking. Its base is the typical BBQ shape, but it comes with a specially designed removable hood attachment to cook food tandoori-style. This concentrates the heat and manages to raise the cooking temperature to around 400°C. You just place marinated chicken breasts, cut into cubes, on the skewers which are then placed vertically inside the removable hood. The Nipoori cooks them perfectly inside and out.

You can also cook other types of food on the skewers – the only limit is your imagination.The bottom half of the Nipoori can be used as a conventional barbecue to cook your usual Western BBQ food – sausages, burgers, and the like.

The Nipoori is made of cast aluminium and steel and has to be assembled by the purchaser, but I did not find it too hard, and I am certainly no expert at home assemblies. It is also a compact size and quite light, so it can be moved around easily.

We’re offering are readers the chance to buy our limited supply of Nipooris at a great price. It would make for a great present, or give yourself a treat and a new dish for the family dinner table.


Special price for readers of Expat Go Malaysia: RM500.00 for one Nipoori set (limited supply by Expat Go Malaysia). Normal price is RM 995.

Delivery: Free delivery in the Klang Valley


Contact: If interested to buy or inquire, contact us at [email protected] with the subject “Tandoori”. Or you can call Anne at 03 2093 9539 during office hours (Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm)


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