Don’t Make This Common Twitter Mistake

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Have you ever wondered why only some of your followers on Twitter can see your posts? The reason for this is that you might be replying to someone by starting your tweet with the “@” symbol and the person’s username.

For example, if you tweet something like “@Peter is absolutely right!”, then this tweet will only be visible to people who follow both Peter and you.

So the next time you want to make sure your tweet can be seen by all your followers, do not start the tweet with the “@” sign. You can either structure your tweet differently, or you could simply put a period before the “@” sign so that your tweet can be seen by all (e.g. “.@Peter is absolutely right!”). Also, keep in mind that starting a tweet with another person’s username can be a good idea, but only when you think that the tweet is useful to those following both of you, and not everyone else.


Original Source: The Number One Mistake Made in Twitter

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