Instagram Direct: You Can Now Privately Share Instagram Photos

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Instagram, the world’s most popular photo sharing app has added a new feature called Instagram Direct. Until now, all the photos that you shared on Instagram could be seen by everyone in your follower list. So, if you had some pictures that you wanted to show only a few friends and relatives, there was no way to do it.

Instagram has tried to fill that vacuum with Instagram Direct. You can now choose with whom you share pictures and videos.


Not many changes in how Instagramers share and receive files

The method of sharing has not changed much. On your home screen, on the right hand upper corner, you will see an icon. When you tap on the icon, it will take you to your inbox. Here you can see all the photos and videos that you have received from others.

Suppose you take a photo and you want to share it with only a few people. How do you send it? On the top of the share screen, you will see two options – ‘Direct’ and ‘Followers’. If you tap ‘Direct’, you can choose specific people to send the file to.


The road ahead for the experiment

Instagram has millions of users. So the new development will be well received in some sections. But there are bound to be complaints too. One of the reasons why Instagram grew so rapidly is because of the compulsion to share pictures and videos with everyone.

Some people are saying that Instagram has encroached on a feature that already exists in Snapchat, another popular photo sharing app. But the fact is, Instagram Direct is here to stay. Now we have to wait and watch how the new feature is received by Instagram users.

Watch the introductory video of Instagram Direct below, and share some thoughts in the comments below.



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