Is That a Tornado in Johor?

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A waterspout was spotted forming at the Tebrau Strait off Lido Beach in Johor Bahru yesterday.

Without a doubt, many were shocked to see it as most feared it might lead into a full blown typhoon. But that did not stop some from taking videos and pictures and circulating it on social media.

The incident occurred around 4pm on 18 December 2013. According to onlookers, the waterspout decayed within two minutes without reaching its full formation at first. A few minutes later, it occurred again and reached its full formation.

According to an officer from the Malaysia Meteorological Department, a waterspout is a normal occurrence during thunderstorms. It is a non-supercell tornado that occurs above the water. The officer advised people to remain calm as waterspouts usually only occur for a short time only.

The two videos below were taken from YouTube and captured by onlookers.


If you are or were in Johor, did you see this happen?

Story from: New Straits Times


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