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The World on Your Plate When You Dine at Fusion

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Would you find it impossible to travel to three continents, and visit nine countries in just 12 days? At Fuzion, it is made possible through the 12 Days of Christmas promotion as Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa celebrates December Dreams this festive season. Led by Syrian Chef Khder Al-Issa, who was inspired by great recipes from around the world, the promotion offers diners the world on a platter featuring a classic dish from England, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Finland, Jamaica, and Hong Kong for a truly international fete. Together with his team, they cook up a storm.

Among the three classic dishes from Italy, my favourite was the Homemade Tortellini with Napolitano Sauce, where the ring-shaped pasta served with a traditional tomato-based sauce cooked with herbs, mushrooms and carrots, was aromatic and flavourful. The Homemade Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese with two layers of egg dough pasta filled with soft spinach leaves and rich ricotta cheese will satisfy your pasta cravings. And Struffoli with Honey, a dessert made from dough that is rolled into balls and deep fried, will have you hooked with its crunchiness and hints of cinnamon.

Next up, the Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage, with a rich filling of beef, carrots, onions, and mushrooms wrapped in cabbage leaves which is a must-try. Representing Germany is the Grilled Carp Fish with Jacket Potatoes, where every bite is light yet rich in taste and texture; combined with the crispy jacket potatoes, it is a heavenly dish.

There is no Christmas without roasted and stuffed meat and Chef Khder rises to the occasion with six different offerings of roast. Representing France is the Chestnut Stuffed Goose, with generous fillings of chestnuts, carrots, tomatoes, and raisins to further enhance the sweet juicy meat. We also sampled the Portuguese Roasted Lamb – the lamb marinated in paprika was tender, juicy, and had just enough spiciness from the paprika to give it that “oomph.” The Danish Roasted Duck with Apple and Prune stuffing was delightful as the sweetness from the apples and prunes didn’t overwhelm the star of the dish.

The Syrian Stuffed Turkey with Green Wheat and Chestnut is Chef Khder’s own recipe and the loaf of stuffed turkey pairs well with the traditional meat sauce and cranberry sauce. However this dish is best eaten hot as the meat becomes dry when left to cool. Also, try the English Roasted Turkey with Bread Sauce and Brussels Sprouts, Hong Kong Roasted Chicken, Jamaican Rice and Peas, and Karelian Pasteis, Potato, and Carrot Casserole.

Christmas is a time to be with family and friends while cherishing the good times, and at Fuzion, you and your family can have a complete Christmas experience with a strolling band and carollers to entertain as you enjoy your meal. By Vatsala Devi

Source: The Expat December 2013

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