(Book Review) Southeast Asia: A Region Revealed

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As The Expat wraps up its 2013 series, “An Expat Tour of ASEAN,” Editor Chad Merchant flips through an impressive book that takes travel lovers on an even more in-depth journey of this captivating region.

With a tapestry of rich cultures and histories both independent and intertwined, the countries of Southeast Asia are awash in heritage, natural resources, wildlife, foods, and endlessly fascinating people. From the thoroughly modern skyscrapers of Singapore to the untouchedby- time rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia, Southeast Asia is a region to explore and appreciate. Many expats here take advantage of their time in this part of the world to visit some or all of these countries.

Now, a new book, Southeast Asia: A Region Revealed, is available to take readers on a stunning photo-rich journey through all the ASEAN countries, encompassing Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. With over 500 pages and 900 photographs, this hefty hardback gives a marvellous testament to the amazing variety of cultures, flora and fauna, geological features, and travel opportunities present in Southeast Asia.

Whether you’re seeking urban delights, verdant countryside, spectacular temples, or an unspoilt island paradise, there is – quite literally – something for every taste and every budget to be found here in Southeast Asia. Some of the world’s most stunning tropical beaches are here, too, so sunseekers will delight as they flip through the pages and picture themselves on these gorgeous stretches of sand.

As expats living in Malaysia, we’re not only near the geographical middle of ASEAN, we’re also very well-connected. Nearly every locale in the book can be reached by an easy, short flight… except, perhaps, some of those far-flung islands in the east of Indonesia’s sprawling archipelago.

Southeast Asia: A Region Revealed is a collaborative effort between a trio of talented travel writers and photojournalists, Mick Shippen, David Bowden, and Nigel Hicks, each of whom has travelled extensively throughout the Southeast Asia region. An insightful introduction is provided by Michael Montesano, who is a visiting research fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore and who first came to Southeast Asia some 30 years ago.

Published by UK-based John Beaufoy Publishing, Southeast Asia: A Region Revealed is available for order from most Malaysian bookstores and is a terrific gift idea for the upcoming holidays, providing readers an unbeatable introduction to this rich and colourful part of the world, and hopefully converting a few of those armchair travellers to the genuine article!

Source: The Expat November 2013

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