Malaysian Singer Yuna Makes it to The Huffington Post’s Music List

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The Huffington Post released a list of 20 artist to start listening to in 2014 and Malaysian singer Yuna was mentioned.

According to the Post, 2013 was an incredible year in music with many new comers making it to the scene. The Post said that it will be difficult to predict who will come up on top this year, but they did compile a list of 20 names, of who they think will make an impact in the music scene this year.

Yuna was mentioned at No.19. Here’s what the Huffington Post had to say about this Malaysian singer:

“There’s a good chance you don’t have any Malaysian musical artists in your current music library, so let Yuna be the first. Blending elements of her nation’s style with modern pop elements, her music adds a new taste to the palette without estranging listeners. After her 2013 sophomore effort, “Nocturnal,” and providing a track for Dreamworks’ “The Croods,” Yuna has proven that she is more than capable of holding her place in a market that is not her own.”

To check out the full list, click here.

Watch Yuna’s Rescue video clip here:

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