Google Smart Contact Lenses Could Help Malaysian Diabetics

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After wowing and (disappointing?) the world with its cool Google Glass, the search engine giant Google has announced that it is working on developing smart content lenses. These contact lenses will monitor the blood sugar levels of the wearers and as a result, will be a boon to those suffering from diabetes.  These smart lenses could be very beneficial to Malaysia where 3.6 million adults are said to suffer from diabetes.

The development of the smart contact lens is being undertaken by Google X. Google X is the research division of the internet giant that works on projects that are not necessarily related to the core services of Google. Some of the other successful and highly advanced research projects conducted by Google X are the air balloons that offer internet connectivity and the autonomous car.


How does Google S work?

The smart contact lens from Google has some circuitry that is able to measure the blood sugar level in the body from the tears in the eye. This circuitry does not affect the eyesight of the people wearing these lenses and the blood sugar level readings are very accurate as tears, along with many other bodily fluids apart from blood, carry information on the glucose level of the body.

These smart contact lenses will eliminate the need to draw blood to measure their blood sugar levels. The prototype that has already been built is capable of measuring the glucose levels every second. To alert the wearer that his/her blood sugar level is over or under the desired range, small LED lights will blink.

Google is in talks with the FDA to make these contact lenses available to diabetic patients in the US. There is no news yes about testing or releasing this product elsewhere. If we here anything about it coming to Malaysia, we’ll be sure to publish on Leaping Post!



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Source and Photo Credit: / Google


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