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A Gastronomic Adventure When You Dine at guEST

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The Big Group never fails to impress and constantly holds its establishments to the highest of standards. Its latest venture, guEST (yes, with a capital E-S-T), is no different. Hidden inside another BIG outlet, Beast, guEST oozes exclusivity, class and top-notch dining. Operating on a pop-up restaurant concept, guEST only opens for events and/or private dining, providing a space for personalised gastronomic events. Going off the ambience of neighbouring restaurant Beast, a mirrored sliding door is your entry point, welcoming you into a world of plush armchairs, chandeliers and one heck of a kitchen. Housed in a glass kitchen (fully equipped with all the essentials a Masterchef might need), the talent behind guEST’s innovative cuisine whip up plate after plate of gastronomic goodness, in full view of diners. How’s that for pressure?

But guEST delivers where it matters and that is what counts. The menu is everchanging, and we had the opportunity to sample its latest offerings together with exquisite wines from Vintex, a renowned vineyard in Bordeaux, famous for its rich merlot and cabernet sauvignon wines. Armed with an array of both red and white wines to start our evening, we were more than eager to commence our night of culinary excellence.

You can’t go wrong with Foie Gras and guEST serves this in a big way (no pun intended). Creamy foie gras served on poached pear, in dark cherry and white balsamic reduction – this dish was pure class.

The next course, poached egg on soft polenta with truffle oil, may not sound like something most diners would order but this gem of a dish is a firecracker. The egg yolk practically melts into the polenta, creating a gooey consistency but forming a dizzying trio of flavours.

My favourite of the lot was the lamb loin. Although not the hugest fan of the Brussels sprouts it came served on (childhood habits are hard to let go of), the lamb slices came served with a brown mint jus that was to die for.

Char-grilled beef tenderloin was up next with tomato & arugula salad, along with truffle hollandaise. Not as rich sounding as it comes across as, the truffle hollandaise balanced the smoky flavours of the tenderloin.

Sweet dark chocolate pudding with vanilla ice-cream is a sophisticated crowd pleaser in almost every dessert category, and guEST’s version is a hit with many a sweet tooth. Warm pudding on cold ice-cream is a surefire winner and guEST nails it.

Besides showcasing its culinary prowess, guEST also hosts local and international chefs perfecting their skills in the gastronomic arts. The space also serves as a platform for aspiring chefs to practise their craft. From university graduates to those who embarked on self-study, guEST acts as a launching pad to their careers in the F&B business.

It might seem like an ambitious venture by BIG, but guEST has definitely lived up to the hype. Needless to say, an intimate and sophisticated dining experience awaits your discovery within the glossy walls of The Intermark. By Manveen Maan


Source: The Expat December 2013

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