Google’s Chinese New Year Microsite is One Clever Ad

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Google CNY - 29 January 2014

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. That is why Google has launched a new Chinese New Year mini site with various tips and tricks.

On the surface this looks pretty cool. However, in reality, this is more or less a clever advertisement of Google’s products. How did they do this? Let’s take a look.


Reminding You of Tradition (via Google)

Google’s Chinese New Year site is stylish in its own way, every bit reminiscent of the year of the horse. The site is simple, with a dark red background and an image of the beautiful white horse on top, with it forelegs up in the air. Below that are four linked categories for you to select to “help” you prepare for the occasion.

The first linked category is titled Preparation. When you click through this, a question appears, asking “How Do You Go About Your Shopping for Chinese New Year?” You’ll then have three linked answers to chose from:

  • I hit the town and shop until I drop.” If you click this, Google will recommend you learn more about Google Keep.
  • I prefer to shop online.” If you click this, Google will recommend a shopping app from the Google Chrome store: Google Chrome Store Shopping App
  • I’m not really involved with shopping.” If you click, Google will recommend that you “Help your family plan this New Year shopping with Google Drive. Create, edit and share a shopping list. Mom would be so proud!”: Google Drive.

The other three linked categories include, Celebration, Reunion, and Tradition. Each of these categories lets you dive deeper (similar to the Preparation category) exploring more questions and receiving more tailored Google product recommendations.

When the Year of the Horse arrives, you can be prepared to enjoy it thoroughly with your family and friends (and Google certainly hopes to be a part of it). The site can be accessed in English and Chinese languages too.

You can visit the Google Chinese New Year site here. Share a thought in the comments below.

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