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Authentic Italian Food at Pietro

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All the things I admire about Italian dining can be found at Pietro – the use of fresh seasonal ingredients, combinations that accentuate natural flavours, and a focus on enjoyment in an easy and unpresumptuous Avenue. Located in the ECM Libra Building on Jalan Damansara Endah, Pietro boasts a vaulted ceiling and double story windows. The architectural design is simple yet contemporary, integrating large open spaces, with nature. Light music floats through the dining room, setting a casual but sophisticated tone.

Most ingredients in their menu are imported to retain the originality of the dishes. Our meal began promisingly: warm, fluffy bread with a thick savory olive dip and to me, it was the beginning of a very indulgent and cleverly crafted lunch. If our amuse bouche of Pan-seared Chevretine Cheese with Crispy Cured Duck Breast served with papaya and citrus salsa was an indication of the quality of food served here, we were totally sold.

Our starter was Red Tuna Carpacccio with Honey Lemon Balsamic served with Fennel salad and red Radish. The tuna – a testament to their objective of serving quality food, was fresh and I could taste the sweetness with every bite, while the rocket salad gave it a mustard-peppery taste. Next to follow was the Creamy Corn Soup serve with Fresh Jumbo Crab Meat. There is no skimping with the ingredients, and as a result we got a bowl of a rich and creamy concoction packed with flavours.

Next up was Homemade Tortellini pasta with Braised beef cheek. Parmesan Cream and Artichoke. Chef Ell tells us that the beef used for the filling is braised over a slow fire for six hours to get the melt-in-your-mouth texture while the butter and cream sauce is added to the dish to mellow the strong taste of oxtail. For the main course, we were served Roasted Pacific Salmon on a bed of baby butter spinach and potato fondant and Pan Roasted Lamb loin with almond, baby vegetables and Mediera lamb jus. The meat was so tender, and the freshness again evident as there was no gamey smell to the meat.

Dessert arrived in the form of the Double Dark Bitter Chocolate with White Milk Chocolate Mousse. On first glance it looks like a cake, but one bite changes that perception. The bitterness from the dark chocolate, together with the sweetness of the white chocolate blends well with the acidity of the cherry while the mix nut praline gives every bite a sinful crunch.

It’s easy to see why Pietro has a regular following. Besides the great menu, a wide range of drinks includes artisan coffees from Australia, a fair selection of juices, wines and alcoholic beverages. With its cozy ambience and efficient wait staff, diners will find it hard to find a spot that consistently serves great Italian food at reasonable prices. By Vatsala Devi

Source: The Expat January 2014

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