People Have Booked Space Flights with Bitcoin

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SpaceShip2 Rockets Ahead

Do you own some Bitcoin and don’t know what to do with them? How about chartering a space flight? The idea might sound crazy, but that is exactly what six people have done. Virgin Galactic has confirmed that of the 500 odd people who have booked space flights, ‘a handful’ have paid in Bitcoin. Coindesk, which reports Bitcoin related news, said that a ‘handful’ actually translates to six people.

Virgin Galactic is the first commercial ‘spaceline’ in the world. The company (owned by Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group) recently said that its rocket launched spaceship had just completed its third successful flight.

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Another innovation from the Virgin Group

Virgin Galactic spokesperson, David Clark said that the company was using Bitpay to receive payments in Bitcoin. Richard Branson has always been known for his innovative business practices. Manned commercial space flights and now taking large payments in Bitcoin are just a few things he has pioneered. David Clark said that the reason the company was accepting payments in Bitcoin was because it wanted to learn an innovative business.

Paying for the flight in Bitcoin is just the beginning. The SpaceShipTwo craft is capable of breaking the sound barrier. So, the space travelers will have to clear astronaut training first, which includes a zero-gravity practice flight. All space travelers will also get three free visits to Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean.



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