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Marini's on 57: The Loftiest Lounge in KL

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It’s not just a bar, to be certain. Sure, you can get a cold beer there, and you can absolutely relax and unwind with friends or colleagues after a long day at the office, so it sure meets the most basic criteria for a city pub. But one of the city’s hippest bars, part of the trio of offerings at Marini’s on 57, is much more than a friendly neighbourhood watering hole. It doesn’t hurt that it’s located atop one of the city’s tallest buildings, 57 stories up and immediately adjacent to the urban pinnacles of the Petronas Twin Towers. Having one of KL’s foremost mixologists at the helm certainly raises the bar, too. Libations enjoyed at Marini’s cloud-friendly bar are elevated somehow, and that’s more than just a play on words. Even a dram of our chosen single malt whisky was special, owing to the perfect glassware and an outsized cube of crystal clear ice over which the cherished amber elixir was poured.

From the excellent pizzas to a superb cheese platter, the bar bites on offer at Marini’s are indeed befetting such a grand venue. We particularly enjoyed the airdried Beef Bresaola with shaved parmesan, the deep-fried soft shell crab, and a special treat from Chef Federico, a marvellously prepared zucchini ƒflower, stuffed with ricotta cheese and a tantalizing array of herbs. Other favourites include the Crostini Toscani, a quartet of perfectly portioned bruschetta bites, and a mouthwatering selection of shareable pasta dishes, none of which are overly complicated, but all of which employ the finest ingredients prepared by a practiced hand. Even the basket of fresh artisan bread we received was noteworthy. Simply put, it really doesn’t matter whether you have a meal in the restaurant at Marini’s or just some snacks in the bar – you’re going to enjoy some terric quality food.

Around the corner from the hip and happening bar is the city’s loftiest cigar and whisky lounge, a comfortable and refined space exuding an altogether di‚erent vibe from that of the bar: Classic leather chairs, dark woods, a great selection of cigars, and an extensive range of whiskies from around the world from the ordinary to the rare… and of course that stunning KL city view. The lounge is certainly fine by day, but as the sun slithers beneath the horizon, the ambiance shifts noticeably and it is in the evening that the lounge at Marini’s on 57 really comes into its own.

Trading on more than just its stunning venue, Marini’s consistently dishes out good, high-quality food.€ They’ve recently bagged a number of well-deserved awards for what they do, so if you’ve not yet had occasion to visit this landmark restaurant, bar, and lounge, be sure to put it on your list. Pop in after work, grab a table by the window in either the bar or the lounge, order up a few bites, and, drink in hand, be amazed at this world-class venue in the heart of KL.

Source: The Expat February 2014

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