4 Best Places to Buy Electronics in the Klang Valley

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Looking for a place to get the latest and trendiest technological gadgets? If you are searching for the best places within the Klang Valley, look no further. This article lists four such places where you will not only find a variety of technological gadget brands all under one roof, but, you will also be able to purchase them at the best deals.

1. Low Yat Plaza

Photo Credit: Low Yat Plaza, Facebook

Low Yat Plaza is indeed a shopping haven for the high-tech savvy individual. Spanning seven floors, this shopping mall is packed with shop lots and kiosks selling a wide array of technological gadgets; smart phones, laptops, cameras, notebooks, tablets, desktops, software products and antivirus products. It is a technological gadget treasure trove over here! That is why this mall was bestowed the honorary title as “Malaysia’s Largest IT Lifestyle Mall” by The Malaysia Book of Records.

Take a day-trip to this mall and you get to experience the latest line of Apple products at their MacStudio. Plaza Low Yat also recently opened its very own Dell Concept Store and HTC flagship store. Apart from the expensive brands mentioned, you can also find cheaper brands such as Lenovo and Asus for laptops and Nokia and Ninetology for mobile phones. You can also find leading internet security products here such as Kaspersky. Prices here are cheap and bargaining is a norm.

Situated at Bukit Bintang, which is within the city centre, Low Yat Plaza is easily accessible by public transport. It is conveniently located in an area that boasts many well-known shopping malls such as Pavillion, Berjaya Times Square, Sungai Wang Plaza, Lot 10 and Suria KLCC. You can easily reach the Bukit Bintang area by train (STAR LRT-Hang Tuah station, monorail-Imbi station) and the government-funded bus service, RapidKL.

Plaza Low Yat is more than just a mall that specializes in electronic gadgets. It also provides entertainment and leisure through the various food and café outlets it accommodates, such as, Kameya Japanese Restaurant, D’Spice Restaurant and M9 Hitz Radio Bar & Café. It also occupies dessert outlets such as Big Apple (local donut outlet), bubble tea outlet (Gongcha) and famous coffee houses such as Coffee Bean and Starbucks.

Facilities provided here include ATM machines at the basement floor, a money changer kiosk and a parking lot below the building.

2. Digital Mall


Photo Credit: Digital Mall, Facebook

For those of you living in the vicinity of Petaling Jaya, head over to Digital Mall for your high-tech needs. Like Plaza Low Yat, this mall is also a one-stop retail complex for electronic goods. It houses the largest IT hypermarket in Malaysia, which is located at its highest floor. Spanning four levels, it is said to be a medium-sized commercial centre.

This mall also offers everything from smart phones to notebooks, tablets, desktops, power banks, software products, game consoles and cameras. Outstanding brands that you can find here include Acer, Garmin, Toshiba, Nokia, Apple and Sony. The mall houses two Samsung stores, one specializing in Samsung brand computers and the other in Samsung mobile phones. Apart from that, it occupies service centers for the different telecommunication providers such as Digi, Celcom, Maxis and TMnet. Repair and service centers for your personal laptops and mobile phones are also available within the mall.

Most people find that some of the hi-tech gadgets here can be more expensive than in Low Yat Plaza. Low Yat Plaza is also commended for the wider range of products that can be found there when compared to Digital Mall. Nevertheless, Digital Mall is still the better option if you live closer to it. Prices of the products here are still reasonable and you can also get really good deals here.

Digital Mall is situated in a strategic location in the Petaling Jaya town centre and is accessible by public transport. The Asia Jaya LRT station is just a 7-minute walking distance from the mall. If you choose not to walk, you have the option of using the feeder bus service which will transport you from the LRT station straight to the mall.

Other facilities provided in the mall include a café and snack store so that visitors can replenish their energy after a tiresome day of shopping. The mall also offers free WIFI connection, an added advantage for visitors.

3. Sungei Wang Plaza

Photo Credit: Sungei Wang Plaza, Facebook

The Sungei Wang Plaza is another place in the Klang Valley that is well-known for its cheap electronic products. Products you can find here include mobile phones, digital cameras, computers and computer peripherals, software products, MP3 players and even computer games. The prices of most of the products here are negotiable, so bargaining with the retailers is a smart way to go. Although Plaza Low Yat is known as the main hub for cheap electronic gadgets, the prices of the electronic goods sold in Sungei Wang Plaza can sometimes be cheaper than Plaza Low Yat, depending on your negotiating skills.

The mall is conveniently connected to Bukit Bintang Plaza through an aerobridge, so if you can’t find anything here, you can just cross over to Bukit Bintang Plaza, which also has an equally impressive variety of electronic gadgets to choose from, especially when it comes to mobile phones.


The mall is easily accessible via the Bukit Bintang monorail station and is just a short walk away from neighboring IT/Gadgets mall, Plaza Low Yat.

Unlike the two malls mentioned above, Sungei Wang Plaza is not entirely dedicated to technological gadgets. It is also famous for local fashion trends and the many beauty and massage parlors it houses. The mall also has some good food eateries such as Esquire Kitchen, Nandos and Old Town White Coffee. Several coffee houses and chain food restaurants can also be found here. They include San Francisco Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, McDonalds and Sushi King. For local food fans, this mall has a wide variety of local food eateries for you to choose from.

4. Imbi Plaza

Photo Credit: YouTube

Although it is not very famous any more, Imbi Plaza is another mall in the Bukit Bintang area which specializes in electronics retailing. In its former glory days, before it was overshadowed by Plaza Low Yat, it was known as the biggest computer mall in Malaysia. Now, the building is rather old and pretty run down.
Nevertheless, it still houses some of the cheapest electronic products you can find in Kuala Lumpur. You can find cheap prices for computer brands such as Dell, Acer and Sony. Other electronic goods you can get for good bargains include computer games and software products, cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players. The stores in the mall also offer computer and mobile phone repair services. Other items that the mall is famous for include pirated Blu-ray movies and DVDs.

Imbi Plaza is located close to Plaza Low Yat and Sungai Wang Plaza, which is in the Bukit Bintang area. The mall can be easily accessed by using the monorail line. Just disembark at the Imbi Station, which is situated very near the mall. If you are at Sungai Wang Plaza, just exit through its rear entrance and follow the alley leading to Imbi Plaza.

All three floors of the plaza are filled with retail outlets. However, if you ever get hungry or simply need to rest after a tiresome period of bargaining for the best prices, coffee shops are available on the first floor of the mall for you to replenish your energy.

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