Malaysian Artist Profile: Ng Sheau Hoi

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Aren’t these paintings by Ng Sheau Hoi simply beautiful? Each one shows such immense talent coupled with a strong passion for her subject matter. I would call her style realism and a bit of impressionism.

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When I interviewed her, I was frankly, surprised that when she showed me her paintings, they were so professional and evocative, never mind stunning. She is a very modest lady but a greatly talented one. I love that her subject matter varies too, from subjects, to animals, to nature’s best, to fruit and even butterflies. Each of her subjects almost leap off the canvas for the viewer and their primary colours as well as the positioning of each subject starting from the centre outwards is captivating to the eyes.

This 38-year-old artist was born in Penang and calls Sungai Petani, Kedah, her hometown. She is married with one child.

She tells me she has always loved art, even when just a toddler, and especially the drawing element. When she was in Primary School, she won several awards, leading her to think she might have some special talent. All she was sure of was that she absolutely loved art.

She continued to win awards throughout school and her dream was to go to a Fine Arts College where she could hone her skills and learn more about the technical details such as compositions, use of colours, and sketching. However, her family, a very traditional one like most of their generation here in Malaysia, insisted she go to a “proper” university which she did and where she studied statistics. She is now working, and has been since her university days, at a large multinational corporation.

But once her child turned five, with her family and husband’s great support of her dreams, she was at long last able to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.

In 2011 she signed up for classes with Mr Yeo Eng Peng, who was our January cover artist, at Inspire College in KL. Mr Yeo not only has guided her whilst enhancing her skills, she says, “Mr Yeo also inspired me to chase my dream of becoming a great painter. He teaches us to grow and to reach farther than we ever have before.”

She tells me, “I love Mother Nature and everything connected with nature. I take from nature most of my subjects such as flowers, birds, scenery, and fruits.”


“I love to travel into the rural areas and take photographs and sketch what I think I would love to put on canvas and thus preserve it for future generations who might not have the same opportunities we have now to see the very wide and diverse scope of nature we now are able to. Many times I work from the photographs I take there.”

Sheau Hoi prefers to work in oils and watercolours on canvas. She tells me her dream is to continue her classes and her painting while pursuing her lofty goal of becoming a famous artist.

I think she is well on her way to that already, don’t you?

She has put very low prices on each work, particularly considering the quality and the size of each canvas, so they will be more likely to be purchased. Perhaps buying one now while her prices are still very low will be an excellent move if you are a collector because I know for sure, Sheau Hoi is certainly going to attain her dream!

If you are interested in buying any of the beautiful paintings on these two pages, please contact Marybeth Ramey at [email protected]

Source: The Expat Magazine March 2014

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