Twitter in Malaysia: Population and Insights

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In terms of usage, Twitter is ranked at number 4 among the most popular social networking sites in the world. While English is the most commonly used language on the site, it only accounts for 34% of the tweets. 8% of the tweets are in Malay, which is the fourth commonly used language on the site. Of all the people who speak Malay, including those in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, how many Malaysians actually use Twitter and how many of them actually tweet and follow other users on the site?

According to Zocial Inc., Malaysia had a total of 3.5 million Twitter users as of February 2014. But only 21.8 percent of the registered Malaysian users are actually active at a given time. Malaysians send a total of 162.4 million tweets, or roughly 5.4 million tweets per day. This is higher than the 4.5 million tweets that Twitter users from Thailand send in each day.

Among the most popular brands followed by Malaysians are two airlines, Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines. PlusTrafik, FireFly and Maxis are the other three most followed brands in the country. Among celebrities, actress Lisa Surihani is the most popular with more than 2 million followers, trailed by Zizan Razak the famous Malaysian comedian, who has 1.57 million followers and actor singer Shaheizy Sam who has 1.52 million followers. Among Malaysian politicians on Twitter, Prime Minister Najib Rajak is the most popular with 1.93m followers.

Twitter Malaysia Infograph


Source: Blog –  Zocial Inc.

Photo credit: _DaniloRamos / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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