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8 Legal Questions Expats Ask in Malaysia

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As an expat living in Malaysia, how familiar are you with the legal system and your rights when something unpleasant happens? If the answer is, “not very”, then it is best to seek the help of a professional, or a service specialized in helping expats with legal concerns, like Answers-in-Law.

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Below are eight common legal questions expats ask in Malaysia.


1. Can you drive using the license obtained from your home country? How long can you do so? What is the procedure to convert and/or apply for a local driving license?


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2. Can an expat attached to a particular organisation, opt to quit his employment and open his own business in the country? What are the procedures? How long does it take?

Answers-in-Law ® 2013



3. Can an expat purchase a house in Malaysia? What if he intends to apply for PR status after living in the country for 5 years? Can this be done? What are the procedures?

Answers-in-Law ® 2013



4. Can the wife of an expat work in Malaysia? What if she is a professional with a degree recognised by the Malaysian government (e.g. A dentist). Can she open her own practice/clinic?

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5. If you are terminated before the expiry of your employment contract, can you find alternative employment in the country? What if your work visa had not expired but was tied to the earlier company from which you were released.

Answers-in-Law ® 2013


6. What do you do when you meet with an accident and do not know anyone here whom you can refer to for help? What is the procedure for reporting an accident?


 Answers-in-Law ® 2013


7. What happens if your husband leaves you and your child stranded in a foreign country? What do you do?

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8. What can you do when you are charged for drunk driving and injuring a 3rd party? Do you have any rights? Can you be deported?

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