MyTeksi Launches GrabCar in Kuala Lumpur

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MyTeksi, an Internet based taxi calling service, has recently launched GrabCar, an additional premium car calling service. The new feature will allow people to call for premium chauffer driven cars or ‘limousines’ from the MyTeksi application itself.

According to Anthony Tan, Founder and Group Chief Executive of MyTeksi, the company’s ability to constantly change and adapt to the needs of its customers is the reason for its success. This certainly seems to be true as MyTeksi is only about 23 months old and it is running a new show already. The company has partnered with MayFlower for this endeavor and is using Nissan Teanas for the GrabCar service.

The decision to run GrabCar from the same application as that of MyTeksi has been a conscious one in order to provide the users of MyTeksi with a seamless and uninterrupted user experience. Convenience coupled with safety of the customers is the primary concern for the company. If the customer already has a MyTeksi application on their smartphone, all they have to do is go to the GrabCar tab for more options. If for some reason they are unable to get a GrabCar, options like Budget Taxi or Executive can easily be accessed from the same interface.

This new segment is being seen as competition for Uber, a company that offers the same services but with differences in the delivery pattern. While Uber has a cashless policy for payment, people can easily pay cash to the drivers at the end of the journey. Yet another point of difference is the way GrabCar is going to charge for its services. Contrary to Uber that charges for time elapsed, GrabCar is strictly based in the distance traveled. This means that the customer already knows the amount to be paid even before undertaking the trip, and is not bothered by delay due to heavy traffic.

Rates for GrabCar

The rates are divided into two categories namely the off-peak and the peak hours. Off-peak fares are calculated at RM4.20 + RM1.60/km (Base Fare + distance charges) while peak time fares are pegged at RM6.00 + RM2.30/km. There is no additional charge for midnight drives, making this service the best option for late night travels after partying or other late night weekend travel plans.

Safe drivers

Drivers for all GrabCar services possess a valid and current driving license. The company makes sure that background checks, medical tests and PDRM and JPJ summons checks are thoroughly conducted. In addition to this, it is a requirement for the drivers to speak English in addition to being proficient in local languages.

Chauffer driven premium cars are now at your beck and call, and with the guarantee of a safe driver.

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