OutRunner: World’s Fastest Running Robot

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Two legs is good, six legs is better. OutRunner is a truly fast robot on legs, enough to give Usain Bolt a complex. The latest robot to come out from Robotics Unlimited has six legs and can touch speeds of over 20 mph in an outdoor setting, and 45 mph on the treadmill. OutRunner can keep running for two hours on one charge. The superfast robot weighs three pounds and measures under two feet in height.


The OutRunner is not yet available for commercial sale and the team that has designed it looks at raising about $150,000 to get going with commercial sales production. The team has already raised $43,019 as of now, and if they reach their goal, the team is all set to plan a race across the globe for running robots. The pace of OutRunner has beaten all earlier records; the ones created by Boston Dynamics have clocked 16 mph in outdoor conditions and 28.3 mph on the treadmill.

The design of OutRunner draws from the way animals tend to run; the same step movement and the mass-length ratio that is used. OutRunner has the capacity to get going on any surface, be it grass, downhill surfaces or curves on a track. The legs also have shock absorbers to ensure the robot is stable during its run. Once the robot is mass produced for sale, you could buy it for just under $250. Not a heavy price to pay for a super fast robot, is it?

You can learn more about this project on Kickstarter.

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