New SMS Helpline to Aid Malaysian Women Suffering from Domestic Violence

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The Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) in Malaysia recently introduced a new SMS helpline for women in danger, to reach out for help.

If you are suffering from domestic violence or any other kind of danger and have no one to contact for help and support, send a message to this new SMS helpline called TINA, which is short for “Think I Need Aid.”

So, why an SMS helpline? Well, according to Ivy Josia, executive director for WAO, “The thought of calling a helpline may be too much; besides, SMS is becoming so much a part of our daily communications. TINA is unique as it is the first of its kind in Malaysia.”

According to WAO advocacy officer Sally Wangsawijaya, sending an SMS would give the victim anonymity.

“Speaking on the phone may also be dangerous, especially if the perpetrator is close enough to hear. TINA will be approachable and appeal to the younger generation who prefers an informal chat with a friend rather than speaking to a counsellor or social worker. TINA will refer callers to WAO’s social workers when they are ready,” said Wangsawijaya.

The TINA SMS helpline can be reached at 018-988-8058

The Women’s Aid Organisation is a non-profit organisation aimed at providing counselling and shelter for abused women and their children, and also carries out advocacy work for women’s rights issues. The organisation has been active since 1982.

Story and Quote from: The Rakyat Post

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