A Canadian Couple’s Stunning Apartment in the Heart of KL

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Some of the most stunning homes in Malaysia are owned and occupied by expats seeking to create a special oasis for themselves in their new country.

For Canadian couple Kara and Steve Burger, living in Malaysia could not be more different than their respective hometowns. “I come from a town called Hudson Bay in Saskatchewan that has about 2,000 people. So it’s like KLCC but with more space!” quips the affable Kara.

Having moved to Kuala Lumpur almost a year ago now, Kara believes that they have settled in nicely to their apartment in the city. “We picked this location because Steve’s office is a 10-minute walk away and it’s just such a convenient spot that’s close to everything,” Kara says, of their K Residence apartment.

Located just above the Avenue K shopping centre, and across the road from KLCC , it’s easy to see why the location appealed to the young couple. “The traffic in KL is quite bad so we were always looking at places downtown to minimise travel time,” she says. “This way I don’t need to drive to get groceries or move around.”

Their spacious 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom apartment sits on the 20th floor of the K Residence building, with a jaw-dropping view of the Petronas Twin Towers and the city skyline from virtually every room in the house. “It’s pretty amazing,” Kara gushes.

“It almost feels like we can touch the Twin Towers sometimes!”

A minimalist design theme is carried throughout the airy, light-filled home with Kara confessing to spending most of her time in the large living room. “We picked up the couch at an expo that was held at the Convention Centre, and absolutely love it. It’s so comfy and large enough to have a number of people sitting on it at the same time,” she says of the L-shaped, dark chocolate sofa set. “Kicking back and watching some TV while eating dinner is our preferred way to unwind. I also love that the sofa comes with cubbie holes to hold your drink in!”

Having such a spacious home means that Kara and Steve often entertain guests at their apartment. “Yes we have a lot of friends who come over to hang out on our balcony and enjoy the fabulous view,” laughs Kara. “And with the spare bedrooms, they often end up staying over!”


Being located in the middle of all the action means that Kara and Steve get to indulge in a variety of cuisines on a daily basis. “Steveis vegetarian, so we often try out all the different restaurants and cafés in the area,” she says. “There’s also a fair bit of healthy food available, and I love that some of the cafés sell salads and quinoa burgers.”

When they aren’t eating out, Kara bakes up a storm in her sleek, modern kitchen, and teaches English to refugee children, who seem to enjoy her sunny personality and fun demeanour. “They don’t speak much English, but they’re definitely eager to learn,” she says. “It’s very rewarding.”

Despite the modern furnishings throughout the apartment, Kara and Steve had dark cherry wood in mind when it came to picking out the furniture for their home. Besides the teak dining table that sits next to the kitchen, all the bedframes are all made from the same rich wood. “We’ve always loved the colour and it lends a real homey feel to the apartment,” she states. “We love the contemporary design, but we didn’t want it to feel cold. Wood adds a touch of warmth to the interiors.”

Avid fitness buffs, the couple have a host of sports equipment handy in their trusty ‘Sports Corner’ – an area filled with wakeboarding vests, snowboarding boots, and sporting equipment for the active couple. “We used to wakeboard a fair bit but had to slow down after Steve injured his knee,” says Kara. “I go to the gym every day; sometimes I take classes and we also swim lots because the weather here is so great.”

Indeed, the view from the K Residence’s fifth-floor pool is just as breathtaking as the one from the Burgers’ apartment. Large cabanas sit alongside the infinity pool, providing the perfect spot for a bit of R&R on the weekend. “Sometimes we come down here just to relax and play cards. There’s also a barbecue pit available but we haven’t gotten around to using it yet,” she smiles.

Initially slated for a two-year stay in KL, Kara admits that they would like to stay on for a little longer. “City living has been good to us, and the view of the Towers makes us feel right at home in KL. I love that we can be in the middle of the city, but still have so much solitude because we’re so far above the hustle and bustle of it all.” Sounds like the Burgers will be here for a while.

Source: The Expat May 2014

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