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Scrumptious Japanese Food at Enju

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Japanese food has been a long-time favourite in Kuala Lumpur, with an influx of sushi bars, teppanyaki restaurants, and ubiquitous izakayas mushrooming around the city of late. Hotels however, have been the traditional go-to venues for authentic Japanese fare, and Enju restaurant at Prince Hotel, is a fine example.


Pictures of Enju Restaurant


Pictures of Food at Enju Restaurant


About the Restaurant

Located on the first floor, Enju is situated in a quiet corner of the bustling city hotel, lending an almost zen-like feel to the entire restaurant. Large enough to contain a moderate crowd, but small enough to feel cosy, Enju is an ideal spot for a quiet meal or a business lunch.

With a menu that is constantly changing, you know that you’re in for a treat every time you head over to have your sushi fill. And what a menu they’ve got! Power Lunch sets change every two months, often featuring grilled salmon and sushi rolls, while the Izakaya dinner set is targeted towards those wanting a healthy, delicious meal set for a reasonable price. With goodies like yellowtail tuna and grilled tiger prawns, you’re likely to be spoilt for choice here.

We start off with a scrumptious tofu appetiser that got us geared up for the next course. With produce being flown in from Japan twice a week, the Kyoka collection sashimi platter is almost guaranteed to be a stellar choice. Thick cuts of the freshest salmon slices, tuna, and the somewhat dense maguro-fish will have you wanting more in no time.

A personal favourite was the Dynamite roll, a delectable mix of fresh salmon, tempura prawn, and creamy avocado. The trick here is to eat the roll whole (no cutting it up into halves!) and experience the explosion of flavours on the tongue. Outstanding!

We also managed to sample the varied Enju selection sushi platter – a mix of fresh salmon, white tuna, octopus, and squid sushi, alongside mini avocado rolls, this choice is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Another impressive choice was the chawan mushi which had a reputation that preceded itself. We eagerly waited for this dish, and when it arrived, it most definitely did not disappoint. A traditional egg custard dish, Enju’s version of this savoury delight comes with soy sauce, boiled prawns, eggplant, and meaty chunks, all mixed together in an irresistible blend of flavours.

Japanese cuisine isn’t terribly renowned for its desserts, but Enju serves up a small, but solid selection of traditional and fusion desserts. For those who don’t get inspired by green tea-infused flavours, opt for the peach sorbet, or the more unique yuzu sorbet, a traditional Japanese citrus fruit that is a cross between a lemon and a grapefruit. Absolutely refreshing!

With fine, quality food and a city centre location for added convenience, one would be hard pressed to find a better spot to indulge in delectably authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of town.

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