Johns Hopkins University Ends Partnership with a Malaysian University

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The Johns Hopkins University has reportedly ended its partnership with Perdana University’s parent company, Academic Medical Centre (AMC), in an apparent dispute over late payments.

According to a report in The Chronicle of Higher Education, an official from Johns Hopkins said they have ended the partnership, because of prolonged late payments to the institution and its faculty members.

Johns Hopkins provided services to the Academic Medical Centre, helping them develop a private teaching hospital and a medical school with an American-style curriculum.

The Malaysia University have come out to discredit the reports on late payment, and have also said that they have intentions to collaborate with another American university. According to a statement by Perdana University, the last payment (to Johns Hopkins) was in May, and amounted to US$2 million. The statement also stated that both parties were “in dispute over whether any further sums are payable and the failure of Johns Hopkins to address the many complaints from AMC and Perdana University.”

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Story from: The Chronicle of Higher Education

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