5 Captivating Photos from a Malaysian Photographer

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1. Almsgiving


2. Endangered Cub


3. Sacred Elephant


4. Cloud Forest Mist


5. Paying Penance



About the Photographer

In a double departure from our usual local artist profile featuring a painter, we are, this month, showcasing a talented expat photographer living here in Malaysia, one whose work is set to support and benefit a number of worthy charities and initiatives in October.

Misha Masek is an international award-winning photographer with numerous sold-out exhibitions in both Canada and Spain to her credit. Her “Idea of Nature” photography series was also voted the “Must See” exhibition at the Scotiabank Photography Festival by Now Magazine. Misha currently resides in Malaysia; however, she studied photography in Canada, where she earned a BFA from the Image Arts program at Ryerson University. Like many expats, she is an avid traveller, but perhaps unlike many of us, she is also an adventurous risk-taker, naturalistic observer, wildlife enthusiast, and passionate artist. As she shared with us, some of her career highlights include being face-toface with the gentle eyes of the Silverback in Rwanda, shooting the legendary Great Migration during an epic hailstorm in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, and documenting the trance-like state of Hindu devotees paying penance to Lord Murugan.

As evidenced by these captivating images, Misha is very comfortable with her camera, and captures both desperation and romanticism in its purest state. Her travels and life abroad have enabled her to develop a fine-tuned shooting style that beautifully reflects and communicates her own perception of the world.

Misha is currently working on a three-part series titled, “A Displaced Pendulum & Cultural Views on Equilibrium.” Notably, Misha is also donating art to the Save Wild Tigers Initiative, as well as the Canadian Association of Malaysia Thanksgiving Ball and Silent Auction, where 100% of the proceeds will go to a selection of local registered non-government charities. You can read more about the initiative, as well as the October 3rd auction, at right.

To view a selection from Misha’s fine art photography gallery, please visit www.mishamasek.com.

Source: The Expat Magazine September 2014

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