The Pact 2 to be Released in Malaysia on 4 December

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The story centers on a woman named June who recently is having lucid nightmares so awful they disturb her waking life. When a newly deceased Judas Killer shows up at June’s door, an FBI agent named Kevin Dickey is sent to unravel the murder case. After that, June learns that a Judas copycat killer is currently on the loose in her neighbourhood and when Dickey shows June the picture of the latest victim killed by the copycat killer, she is shocked to find out that the victim turns out to be the same person she saw brutally murdered in her nightmares. Haunted by a series of nightmares and stuck between dreams and reality, June struggles to maintain her sanity as she plunges into her own investigation of these events.

Malaysian Release Date: 4 December 2014


  • Scott Michael Foster
  • Camilla Luddington
  • Patrick Fischler
  • Amy Pietz

Director: Dallas Richard Hallam, Patrick Horvath

Trailer for The Evil Room:

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