An Expat from the UK Shares His Experience Living in Malaysia

Name: Ian Jones
Home Country: United Kingdom
Designation/Industry/Company: Education
Other countries you have lived in: Germany, Netherlands, Singapore

What brought you to Malaysia?
I came to Malaysia in 2001, as an employee of Shell to set up change management at their global IT support hub in Cyberjaya.

What do you like or dislike about the country?
I love the climate, people, cost of living and Malaysia’s central location. I dislike the politics, bad driving, the thoughtlessness of some people, and the dilly-dallying in both the private and public sectors.

Name three typical weekend activities you enjoy most.
I love spending time with my partner and our dogs and cats. I also enjoy catching up with my sons who live in the UK – technology is great! I also love having a few Tigers with some friends.

What is your favourite holiday destination here? Why?
I don’t have a specific location in Malaysia but I do have a fondness for Muar. In the region, Phuket and Bangkok are our regular R&R haunts.

Describe a memorable eating experience you have had here.
I’m not a huge eater, but Shook restaurant used to have a great champagne brunch that we used to frequent often.

What do you miss most about your home country?
I miss my sons, but not much else really!

What advice do you have for a newly-arrived expat?
If you want to have a true Malaysian experience, don’t live amongst the expats in Bangsar or Mont Kiara – really get to know some locals!

How long do you plan to stay in Malaysia? Where would you like to go next, and why?
I am here for good now, but I think I may move elsewhere if I ever get unsure about political stability.


Is Malaysia a good place in which to work and do business? Why?
I think it’s definitely a good place – there are favourable tax breaks, English is widely used, and there’s the freedom of trade.

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