5 Activities You Should Consider for Your Next Break

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You know what they say about all work and no play. Let David Bowden be your guide to some of Malaysia’s top offerings for a well-earned break. It’s time to play!

Despite the tropical weather, Malaysia offers many opportunities for some rest and recreation on the land, sea, and air. More Malaysians are moving out of their air-conditioned comfort zone to take up a range of fun recreational activities that appeal to all members of the family. Some activities require a reasonable investment to get started, while others simply involve paying a fee to participate. Here are five fabulous recreational activities to seek out when next you’re seeking some much-needed R&R.

1. Pay a Visit to the ESCAPE Park in Penang

ESCAPE Adventureplay (www.escape.my) is an adventure park located in forests just south of Teluk Bahang in Penang.

Images for ESCAPE Park in Penang

More about the ESCAPE Park in Penang

It involves a spider’s web of ropes, ladders, slides, and climbs to challenge and thrill adventure seekers of all ages. A comprehensive range of adventure activities is designed to challenge thrill seekers in a safe environment.The Gecko Towers allow visitors to experience a climbing wall, Atan’s Leap enables safe freefalling, and Monkey Business is designed to hone balancing skills. Over time, the park will expand with aWaterplay section and Treetops Hotel.

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2. Have an Adventure Langkawi

Langkawi Canopy Adventures (www.langkawi.travel) offers one of the island’s most action-packed and thrilling adventures high above the ground through the rainforest canopy.

Images of Action-Packed Activities by Langkawi Canopy Adventure

Photo Credit: Langkawi Canopy Adventure, Instagram

Photo Credit: Langkawi Canopy Adventure, Instagram

Photo Credit: Langkawi Canopy Adventure, Instagram

Activities at Langkawi’s Canopy Adventure


This half-day adrenaline-charged activity involves abseiling, zip-lining, and rappelling through the ancient rainforests at the base of Langkawi’s highest mountain, Gunung Raya. They also offer a comprehensive selection of eco adventures from their base in Lubuk Semilang near a rubber estate on this resort island.

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3. Hop on a Top Cat Boat (Similar to a Catamaran) in Penang

Hobie Cats are a thing of the past – it’s time for Top Cats!

Images for Top Cats in Penang

More about Top Cats in Penang

These little German-designed cats purr like well-oiled machines as the whisk up and down the Penang beachfront. Operated by East Wind Watersport they also offer jet skis and VDWS-accredited training (European Watersport Association).These sleek crafts are not that difficult to manoeuvre and the staff will show you the ropes, as it were. Keep an eye out for the flotilla of jet skis that zip up the Batu Ferringhi waterfront.The operation is located on the beachfront beside the Golden Sand Resort.

4. Go Parasailing in Penang, Langkawi or Sabah

Taking to the sky for a bird‘s eye view is only half the fun. Being dragged aloft high above the water is the real thrill of parasailing which is available at several beachfront locations around Malaysia.

Images of Parasailing

Photo credit: lynn.wabbit / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


Photo credit: Em and Ernie / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

About Parasailing in Malaysia

The beachfront at Batu Ferringhi in Penang is the home of the sport in Malaysia, but now it is available in a variety of locations including the islands of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah and Pantai Cenang Beach in Langkawi.The beach boys will explain the activity which is basically to run from the beach and be pulled skyward from a long rope attached to a motorboat. Not much can go wrong as long as the boat doesn’t run out of fuel. It’s extremely unlikely, but should this happen, a parachute will gently ease you down to the water.

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5. Join a Triathlon Like the One in Port Dickson

More and more athletes are lining up for the many triathlon events now being staged in Malaysia and the region.

Images of Triathlons in Malaysia

About Triathlons in Malaysia

This sport not only involves professional athletes, but also very young competitors and “try-athletes” of all ages who compete against each other and also strive to achieve their personal best. Children as young as five compete in specially designed events while the Ironman Triathlon is the ultimate endurance race involving swimming, cycling and, running. The Port Dickson International Triathlon is a keenly contested annual event that attracts over 2,000 competitors of all ages from Malaysia and the region. This event is staged mid-year, and details of the 2015 event are available from www.triathlonmalaysia.com.

Homepage Highlight Photo credit: Naka7a / Foter / CC BY-NC

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Source: Senses of Malaysia November/ December 2014

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