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Help Save the Malayan Tigers

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This post is brought to you by MYCAT.

We are at a crossroads. The Malayan Tiger, a sub-species of tiger found only in the Malaysian Peninsula and the southern part of Thailand, is in danger of extinction.

According to Kae Kawanishi, General Manager of the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT), the number of surviving tigers has drastically declined to 300 tigers (there were 3,000 tigers in the 1950’s)! Malaysia’s iconic national animal is now categorized as a critically endangered species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The good news; while most countries in Indochina have lost their tigers to poachers, Malayan tigers have somehow survived the past decade.

The Malayan tiger, found only in the Malay Peninsula, could go extinct in our lifetime. The remaining population of tigers scattered across Malaysia could go either way: slip into oblivion, or recover.

Tigers need large well-managed forests to roam, where they are safe from poachers and can find plenty of prey. Much of the same forests are the country’s important water catchment areas. Having wild tigers is the perfect indicator of a sustainably-developed nation, with sound forestry management, good governance, and concerned citizens ready to take action.

How You Can Help

One very important partner in tiger conservation is the public – people like you. Through MYCAT’s programmes spanning almost nine years, 1,214 volunteers from all walks of life have contributed in various ways, from spreading awareness to protecting tigers on the ground. MYCAT needs your support to step up their efforts.

Any amount you donate, even as little as the price of a cup of cappuccino, will help them to continue bridging the gap between government and NGOs, advocate for increased protection for tigers and their habitat, as well as provide avenues for everyone to get involved through MYCAT’s Tiger Roadshow, school education programme, Citizen Action for Tigers surveillance walk and 24-hour Wildlife Crime Hotline (019-356 4194 / [email protected]).

With the end of the year upon us, the MYCAT team has put together unique packages that will make excellent gifts. Sponsor a camera trap to monitor wildlife in a critical tiger habitat or help Batek aborigines protect the wildlife that roam their ancestral land! As a sign of appreciation, those who donate RM100 and above will be eligible to participate in a lucky draw. There are some very attractive prizes up for grabs thanks to generous sponsors!

To donate, click here.

Learn more about MYCAT’s work here.

The donation drive ends January 31st 2015.

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