An English Expat Shares His Experience Working and Living in Malaysia

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Name: Steve Dennis
Home Country: United Kingdom
Marital Status: Engaged

What brought you to Malaysia?
An exciting career move with the added bonus of being placed in a country as beautiful as Malaysia brought my fiancée and me here. With its all-year tropical climate, it is proving to be an attractive choice.

What do you like and dislike about living here?
Of course, no one can talk about Malaysia without talking about the food, so that’s a no brainer. I absolutely love all the food here. It’s so tricky to pick a favourite! I also love the people for their warmth and friendliness. The not-so-great part about Malaysia is the traffic, construction works everywhere, and the odd taxi driver who asks you to hop on but has no idea where he is going.

Name three typical weekend activities that you enjoy.
Taking advantage of the sunny weather. I enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, playing a spot of tennis, and enjoying the occasional wine scene with friends.

What is your favourite holiday destination in Malaysia or in the region? Why?
It has to be Kota Kinabalu for me. The nature there is a welcoming change from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The orang utans, sandy beaches, and the scuba diving that allows me to get up close and personal with underwater creatures is bliss.

Describe a memorable eating experience you have had here.
A week after it opened, NOBU was probably the most fantastic experience for me so far. I must say that the black cod miso was a feast for the senses. It is a highly recommended venue for any special occasion.

What do you miss most about your home country?
I miss my friends and family the most. But apart from that, I also miss my favourite restaurant ‘El Pirata’ in Mayfair as the staff at the restaurant are friendly and welcoming and it had the most incredible food. I already miss it as I write about it.

What advice do you have for a newly arrived expat?
Get the MyTeksi application as it halves the hassle of getting a taxi. Trying to understand the cultures of a multiracial society helps you blend in with the locals. Most of all, simply live in the moment and enjoy what Malaysia has to offer – the experience is heightened when you don’t set expectations.

How long do you plan to stay in Malaysia? Where would you like to go next, and why?
I will be here for two years and after that who knows what the future holds.


Is Malaysia a good place in which to work and do business? Why?
Yes, as it is an emerging market, meaning it is an emerging city with a fantastic talent pool that has the ability to grow and develop the various industries in the country.

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Source: The Expat Magazine January 2015

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