The Uncertain Impact of Anwar’s Imprisonment

The Uncertain Impact of Anwar's Imprisonment

Photo credit: Anwar Ibrahim, Facebook

Many expats have asked us whether we feel the recent verdict and subsequent imprisonment of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim will hurt Malaysia’s effort to attract more foreign investment and negatively impact the Government’s Transformation Programmes. That remains to be seen, but it certainly seems likely to be the end of Anwar’s active political career as he is already 67 and will be barred from holding any office for five years after completing his five-year sentence.

Anwar was a key figure in creating a more effective opposition party in Malaysia, and his imprisonment is regarded by some quarters as a serious blow for the opposition. However, they claim to be confident they can remain strong without him. Despite widespread international criticism of the verdict, it is not expected to have serious long-term repercussions for the country’s future growth plans.

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