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Sublime Symmetry with Duravit

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Bathrooms have gone through an evolution for the better. Today, with the help of renowned brands such as Duravit, well-designed bathrooms give individuals an avenue to unwind and relax at home.

Designing a home can both be an enjoyable and arduous task, but the result at the end of it can definitely leave a homeowner feeling contented and confident that their home reflects their personality while retaining a cosy and inviting look. When it comes to designing and furbishing a home, it is essential that the home not only exudes an avant-garde design, but also has an inviting ambience from the living area right to the kitchen and bathrooms. Good design ideas can have a positive influence on our lives and the way we live.

While most homeowners take great consideration and spend money on making the main areas of the house beautiful, they tend to forget that the bathroom, too, needs a good design – one that is beautiful, functional, and practical for everyday use. When you consider how many times in each day you enter the bathroom and use the amenities in this space, you will realise the importance of designing this space to be as personal and comfortable as can be.

One brand that is known for creating products that focus on water-saving and energy-efficient solutions, environmentally-friendly manufacture, timeless forms, and simple product assembly is Duravit. Founded in Hornberg, Germany in 1817, Duravit has evolved from earthenware to porcelain, extending the product range to include sanitary ceramics. Today, Duravit AG operates at an international level and boasts 10 production plants with a workforce of more than 5,000 employees worldwide – an indication of Duravit’s tremendous evolution, which has always been rooted in a “tradition of innovation.” Duravit continues to demonstrate its eagerness to charter new territory with its innovative technology, extraordinary design and the development of new product segments.

Private bathrooms are, of course, all about individuality. In order to best meet different wishes and requirements, bathroom furnishings must be versatile with something to suit every ambience and taste and able to adapt to the available space. Taking up the challenge to design a contemporary and sustainable bathroom programme that meets all requirements and caters for all applications, the bathroom manufacturer found the answer in collaboration with Matteo Thun & Partners in the form of DuraStyle. Taking into account all relevant parameters and looking for the overlap between product design, architecture and interior design Duravit’s latest product is designed with innovation in mind.

DuraStyle – a unique bathroom series whose visual lightness and simplicity of form are particularly effective in interaction with architecture and interiors is not just about design but is also fully functional. The deliberate restraint of form opens up tremendous design freedom and makes the programme interesting for virtually all applications. This is why DuraStyle comes in two versions: for the project sector, there is an intelligent range of impressively coordinated products for every application and all architectural conditions. The key selling points are utility, hygiene, short cleaning times, quick and easy assembly and a price structure that is in line with project requirements.

For the private sphere, DuraStyle offers great variety for individual combinations. With the discreet, timeless design of a future classic, the complete programme is popular with both purists and design lovers. At the same time, the DuraStyle bathroom series offers tremendous value for money and meets a wide variety of different budget requirements.

The narrow, elegant rim around the wash basin and the tapered outer edge that neatly slopes inward are characteristic of DuraStyle. The washbasin and toilet thus appear slender and understated, almost weightless. DuraStyle’s special lightweight properties are also reflected in the furniture. A mix of open and closed surfaces gives the vanity units and console substructures, shelves and cabinets a light and airy look. Surprising new variants skilfully combine storage and shelf space, which include, for example, the asymmetrical vanity unit with an open shelf at the side, as well as washbasin surrounds that are available either with or without a drawer. Elegant furniture accessories serve as towel holders, whilst simple mirrors with modern and efficient LED technology provide optimum illumination of the washing area. The mix of light and dark finishes creates additional interest, with a focus on feeling good in an atmospheric, harmonious environment.

Despite its distinctive features, DuraStyle predominantly showcases understated design that is entirely in keeping with Matteo Thun’s commitment to sustainability – a constant theme throughout his projects. Since not every element can or should stand out, the overall approach is on the intelligent and harmonious combination of all elements.

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