The Expat Wine Dinner at Songket Restaurant


The most recent Expat Wine Dinner took place at Songket Restaurant, which offers authentic Malay cuisine with a modern twist. It is located in an old-fashioned styled bungalow, with traditional décor such as songket (handwoven fabric) on the walls and wooden architecture. Guests were also treated to traditional cultural performances.

Guests snacked on chicken and beef satay during the pre-dinner cocktail. Then, appetizers were served, which consisted of popular and tasty local delights such as popiah goreng (fried crispy golden spring rolls stuffed with vegetables and served with a dipping homemade chili sauce), tauhu sumbat (hard bean curd pockets stuffed with sautéed mixed vegetables), and cucur udang (crispy morsels of prawn and vegetable strips fried in a light batter and served with homemade chili sauce). The wine served with the appetizers was the refreshing Excelsior Viognier, which paired well with the spicy food.

Moving on, for the main course, the guests tucked into a choice of Daging Rendang (dry beef curry cooked in an aromatic infusion of spices over a slow fire for several hours), Ayam Rempah Bertumis (fried chicken in a special homemade spiced gravy and herbs), or Ikan Masak Lemak dengan Mangga Muda (a rich curry of fish fillet simmered in chilies, turmeric, coconut milk, with young mango). The entrees were accompanied by steamed white rice and pucuk paku goreng (wild fern shoots stir-fried with chilies, shallots, and garlic). For the wine selection, guests were served Tabali Reserva Chardonnay and Indomita Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon.

For dessert, to round off the Malay-inspired meal, guests were served Sum Sum Pandan Gula Melaka (cream pudding infused with fragrant pandan leaves and palm sugar syrup), which was delicious and very well-received. The unique experience of pairing wines with Malay cuisine in a charming setting served as a pleasant and enjoyable night at Songket Restaurant.

Join us for our next Wine Dinner. More information here.

Photos of The Expat Wine Dinner at Songket Restaurant.

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Source: The Expat magazine June 2015

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