11th Malaysia Plan Released


Every five years since 1991, Malaysia has released a five-year plan setting out its medium-term plans to reach developed nation status by 2020. This was done as part of then-Prime Minister Mahathir’s Vision 2020. The plans have been a key part of the country’s development and Malaysia has received international praise for its ability to implement many of the plans.

It goes beyond an economic plan as it includes all facets of the country’s development, including social, political, spiritual, and cultural directions. As each five-year plan is released, it gives an indication of where the current government will be placing its emphasis over the next five years and there have been subtle shifts over the last 25 years.

The new plan, which is the last one up to the target year 2020, places more emphasis on helping the lower income segments and pursuing a greener agenda while strengthening infrastructure, human capital, and ensuring strong economic growth.

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