Watch this Free Runner Perform Heart-Stopping Stunts on Malaysian Bridges

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World-class free runner Jason Paul visited Malaysia early this year, and recorded himself and his friends as they performed some heart-stopping stunts on some well-known bridges in Kuala Lumpur.

Here are some amazing screenshots from a video Paul uploaded on his Youtube channel.

1. Touristjump

2. Touristjump1

3. Touristjump2

4. Touristjump3

5. Touristjump4

6. Touristjump5

7. Touristjump6

8. Touristjump7

In case you didn’t know, free running is a type of acrobatic and athletic sport, developed as a more inclusive form of parkour. Parkour, according to Wikipedia, is a training discipline that uses movements developed from military obstacle course training. A free runner using techniques learnt from parkour will use his or her body by running, climbing, swinging, jumping, rolling and so on, to get from one point to another, in the most efficient way possible.

Jason Paul is a regular free runner champion at Red Bull Art of Motion. Check out this website to watch more videos and learn more about his stunts.

Still confused? Watch the video below and you will have a better idea of free runners do.

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