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3 Things You Need To Know About Your Next Great (Entertainment) Love – iflix!

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This post is brought to you by iflix

Let’s face it, almost all of us have been guilty of letting time just flit away as we channel surf the TV and settle upon a mediocre show. There’s good news though. There is a new video-on-demand streaming service available in Malaysia to access a large number of shows and movies – instantly. It’s called iflix.

Here’s three hard to resist reasons to checkout iflix.

1. Access thousands of hours of TV Shows and Movies

iflix offers thousands of hours of content with unlimited availability for subscribers. That’s thousands of hours of TV shows and movies that will be clamouring for your attention daily.

iflix has content from a wide variety of first class studios, including Warner Bros International Television, BBC Worldwide, Twentieth Century Fox Television, and many more are expected to come on board. You’ll find a mixture of both Hollywood and Asian shows, spanning a wide variety of genres, including action, comedy, drama, horror, kids, romance, sci-fi, thriller, crime, and reality.

Even better, there are no advertisements; you can seamlessly watch your shows without distracting interruptions. iflix will also be introducing High Definition content soon, so you can enjoy your favourite films in impeccable detail.

2. Play everywhere at any time

No doubt about it, we live in a world surrounded by our gadgets. The good people at iflix know that, and they have made it so easy for us to get our viewing fix by being able to play iflix on multiple devices: TVs, smartphones, tablets or laptops. You can connect five devices to one subscription account, and you can even stream on two devices simultaneously.

Another interesting tidbit is that iflix is supported by Chromecast. For those unfamiliar with this, Chromecast is a nifty device by Google that lets you stream content directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer onto your TV. If you’d like to get this device, Lazada is offering a special package deal: RM139  for a Chromecast (normal price: RM179) and a one year iflix subscription (worth RM96).

iflix will also be releasing a “download now and play later” feature for offline viewing at your leisure. This could be a great way for you to continue watching your favorite series when you’re on the road or travelling out of town.

3. Spend little and save time

You’ll have all this content available over any device for a mere RM8 a month. That’s a whole lot of viewing hours in a month for less than the cost of a caramel macchiato. What also makes this an appealing subscription service is that you can cancel any time you want without incurring any termination fees.

In terms of the required internet speed, as long as you have a broadband internet connection, the video should stream smoothly. If you have a fiber broadband connection, you’ll be better than good to go.

iflix represents one of the best, legal ways to stream entertaining movies and TV shows in Malaysia. You no longer need to refer to dodgy, virus-prone torrent downloads or inconvenient DVD shops. Just start watching quality movies and TV shows immediately in the comfort of your home.

Go to the iflix website here and sign up for a 30 day, full access, FREE trial. It’s awfully simple, and, unlike many other services, you don’t even need a credit card for the free trial. There is no reason not to try it.

Now, if you will excuse me, my popcorn is getting cold…

Watch the trailer for Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a TV series that debuted in the United States this year, and it received rave reviews. It has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9 out of 10 score on IMDB.

In Malaysia, Mr. Robot is available exclusively on iflix.



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